Duracell Cloud Storage

Cloud Backup for Small Business

2TB and 4TB Local Cloud Storage, Unlimited Data Storage in the Duracell Data Bunkers

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Cloud backup for small business
2TB Cloud Storage
4TB Cloud Storage
Mirrored RAID
Secure 256 bit encryption
Two Tiered Cloud Storage
Duracell Cloud Pricing
Data Storage Systems, Inc. (DSS, Inc.) has teamed up with Duracell (that's right the battery folks) to provide end-users and SMB's with a powerfull, easy to manage, highly secure, very fast perfoming and most of all extremely affordable cloud storage solution!

Duracell Cloud Storage is designed to provide users with the ability to store, sync, share and save data up to 1000x faster than the other cloud storage solution providers. Your data will be stored in our ultra secure, DSS, Inc. Data Bunkers. Two (2) military class-4 underground data centers both 40ft underground with two (2) sources of power for optimum up-time.

For Duracell Cloud Storage pricing and more information, please call DSS, Inc. Sales: (763) 416-0474, e-Mail: sales@datastoragesys.com, Skype: DSS.Sales or
"chat live" with DSS, Inc.'s Sales Team.
Affordable, highly secure clould backup for Small Medium Size Business's (SMB) with unlimited backup
capacity that provides personal/local, private, public and mobile cloud storage
Subscription - Utility like service that comes with the Duracell Local Cloud Server (ranges 2Tb to 32Tb) Appliance plus, 24X7 Concierge Service and unlimited cloud storage! Whether you're a one person shop or a global enterprise, Duracell Cloud Storage provides the data storage capacity points you need without over-buying. A 4-in-1 set of features with real benefits like; AES-256 data encryption for data integrity and security. A Sync feature that provides synchronization between local cloud, private/public cloud and your mobile devices. All leading to easy, affordable ultility-like costs that are easy to manage.
Duracell Cloud Storage Backup Datasheet
Monthly Service Fee
Activation Fee
Local RAID
Backup Agents*
20 Clients
20 Clients - 2 Servers
Agent Options
* Duracell Cloud subscriptions feature 4 mobile devices per client.
Remote Agent (laptop, home computer backup)
Server Agents (SQL, Exchange, & Active Directory backup)
Exchange Brick Level Backup (mailbox restore)
Mobile App (Smartphone, Tablet, IPad)
Included (4 per client)
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